Finding and filtering your flights

We created filters so that you can categorise and analyse your flights.

To find your flights, connect to your CitizenPlane platform and go to the "My Flights" page.

There, you can open filters:

You can filter your flights by origin and destination, by date, but also by status: pending, open, closed and canceled.

A pending flight will not open unless they have seats on them. If they do, just wait a few minutes and we'll open itYou can also choose to see only flights with seats,

or flights with bookings.

Finding re-fillable flights

Some of your flights may have sold out, but you could have more seats to sell!

To find these flights, select the 3 following filters:

  • Flight type: "Open"
  • "Without seats"
  • "With bookings".

All you have to do now is add more seats and click on "Save Changes"!

Extracting your flights

You can extract all your flight or luggage information under a .csv file.
To do so, display the flights you wish and click on "Export Flights" or "Export luggage".