Finding passenger information

Flight and passenger information is available on your platform, on your "My Flights Page".

Extracting a flight's PNL

Click on a flight and a right-hand side menu will appear. There, you can check flight details, end selling dates and bookings.

Click on the "PNL" button to download the PNL. This is the document you will need to send to the airline once the flight has closed.

You can also extract several flights' PNLs at the same time: to do so, display the flights you are interested in using our flight filters and click the "Export PNLs" button.

Finding your passengers' passport information

If you clicked the "Need APIs" button when creating your flight, then passengers will be notified with an email that they need to provide their nationality, date of birth and passport number.

This process is to be implemented only if absolutely mandatory by country law, as it adds constraints for the passengers.

Passengers have as long as the flight is open for sale to fill in this information. Once they have done it, it will be available on the PNL, along with all their other personal information.

Exporting your flights' details under Excel

You can export your flights' details under an Excel file: go to the "My Flights" page and click on "Export Flights" on the top left-hand side.