Offering ancillary services

CitizenPlane gives you the option to offer additional services to your passengers once their booking has been made.

Once a passenger has made a booking, they have the option to log in on the CitizenPlane passenger website. There, they can check their flight details as well as book and pay for ancillary services.

To enable this, you will need to create Offers on CitizenPlane.

You will receive the payment for those services at the same time as the booking, and it will be recorded in your usual Report. 

To create an Offer, login to your CitizenPlane platform and click the "My Offers" button, on the top right-hand side menu: 

Select "Add Offer" and choose a name for your offer.

Use the filters to select the flights you wish to apply the offer to:

  • by flight number,
  • by airline,
  • by start or end date,
  • by origin or destination,
  • by day of the week.

You can add as many filter criteria as you like:

The offer you are about to create will apply to both existing and future flights within those filters. 

Now that you have chosen the flights you wish to apply your offer to, click on "Add offers for these filters" and "Add an offer". 

Select the offer type:

  • Luggage,
  • Name change,
  • Sport equipment, 
  • Pet.

You can then choose its dimensions, maximum quantity and price:

You can add as many offers as you like for the same flight filters.
Be sure to click the "Save" button and you're good to go!