Changing the time or date of a flight

Once a flight has been created on the platform, you cannot change its date or time there but you can change is its price, number of seats and end selling date.

When you need to update a flight's schedule or information such as the airline/flight number/need for APIS, download the concerned flights from the platform using "Export", make the changes and send us the CSV file at  

We will check the file and make the changes live for you. You will find a tutorial video at the end of this page that explains how to export flights and how to change the information in it.

❗️If the flight has bookings, then you must act quickly! Pass the number of seats to 0 and tell the support team at as soon as possible. Read our Terms of Use for more details.

❗️We do not consider vouchers as a schedule change notification. Vouchers are automatically archived. 

Here is a video tutorial on how to easily send us those changes. 

The CSV visualisation website we recommend in the video is: