Updating your flights' parameters

Update parameters for a flight such as price, number of seats available and end selling date.

Once you have created flights, they will appear on your "My flights" page.

The colour code is the following:

  • Red dot: flight has been canceled
  • Purple dot: flight is pending. If it has no seats available, it will stay this way. If it does, just wait a few minutes and we'll open it
  • Green dot: flight is open and on sale all over the internet!

Click on the flight you wish to update: a scrolling menu will appear on the right side.

You can change your flight's parameters here.

Changing your flight's price

On the right-hand side menu for each flight, change your price by changing the value of "Your Minimum Price".

❗️Don't forget to click on "Save Changes".

💡 Our pricing assistant can help you determine the right price for your flight to appear first on OTAs' list of results. Scroll down on your right-hand side menu to see our price suggestions.

Our pricing assistant scraps data from all over the internet.

Taking into account the estimated OTAs' commissions and ours (5% + 10€ of your flight price), it shows you the best price to apply, so you don't have to waste time checking prices yourself!

Changing your flights' end selling date

The right-hand-side menu for each flight also allows you to change the selling date: just change the value, select if it is in hours or days.

A green button will confirm that the value is correct, but you will need to click on "Save Changes" to confirm the update.

Closing a flight

If you wish to close a flight, then just put its end selling date in the past 😉