Creating flights and series of flights

Check out our tutorial video or read the following text to learn how to create flights or series of flights on CitizenPlane.

How to create a flight

To create a flight or a series or flights in under two minutes, connect to your CitizenPlane platform and go to the "My Flights" page.

Click on the green "+" button on the right-hand corner. 

Enter the flight's origin and destination. A calendar will then appear.

If this is a single flight, click on the flight date. You can then add a return flight that will be sold separately.

If you want to sell a series of flights, click on the date of the first flight and then on "Add recurrence". Then select the period where they will be flying (for instance, from June 1st to October 31st).
Select the day of the week for the outward flight (for instance, every Monday).

Click on "Add return flights" and choose a period of time as well as a day of the week for return flights.

❗️If there are some dates where you do not want to sell your flight, do not worry. You will be able to delete some specific dates later in the process.

Click on "Add Flight Details".  

Enter flight details by clicking on the "Add a Flight" card.
▸ Hours of departure and arrival (local time)
▸ Terminals (if necessary)
▸ Via Airports: if your flight has a technical stop, then specify the airport. ❗️We do not allow flight correspondence but only technical stops where passengers do not get off the plane
▸ Airline and flight number
▸ Luggage hold: specify the weight. If it is free, then click the "Free luggage" button. Otherwise, specify the price of one piece of luggage
▸ Minimum price and available seats: these can be specified here or changed later.

If you have created a series or flights, then the list of dates will appear here.

You can unclick the dates where you are not flying, if there are any.

If you have created return flights, then do the same for return flights. 

Click on "Ok!".

If you need passenger passport information for this flight (date and country of issue, expiration date), then click the "Does this flight require APIs?" button:

We ask that you please do not ask for this information unless it is absolutely mandatory for passengers to fly. 

Click on "Check and Confirm". Here, you can check all your flights before you upload them.

Click on the green button to create all your flights.
Your flights will then appear as "Pending" (purple dot). Wait a few minutes and we'll open them!

You can then update each flight info: number of seats, price, etc.

💡 There are even faster ways to create flights:
▸ Using an Excel file : we will provide a simple template
▸ Creating a direct connection between your server and ours.
Ask us about how we can automate your flight creation at!