Denied Boarding: terms of use

If a passenger is denied boarding, he is entitled to ask between a new ticket or full reimbursement. That may be the case when the PNL has not been appropriately transferred to the carrier that refuses to board the passenger.

Two situations can then arise:

1. The passenger is at the airport, and their flight has not taken off:

We will contact you on your emergency support number to notify you, and we will ask you to solve the solution with the carrier as soon as possible so that the passenger can catch their flight.

2. The passenger has missed their flight:

We will systematically ask you to offer a replacement flight ticket to the passenger. The passenger can choose between this new ticket or the reimbursement of his previous ticket. Once his choice is made, we will confirm the new purchase or the reimbursement with you. Under no condition will CitizenPlane cover these expenses.

If a passenger declares he/she was Denied and had to buy a replacement ticket by himself because of the urgent situation, he will ask for reimbursement of his initial ticket. We will ask you to check with the carrier that he was indeed denied boarding within 48 hours. If this is confirmed, we will refund the cost of the old or new ticket and invoice you for the same.