Schedule changes termes of use

To avoid any inconvenience, we require that fewer than 1 percent of your bookings undergo a Schedule Change.

We therefore ask that you do not post a flight with an unconfirmed schedule.

As soon as you get information about a change in one of your flights, please inform us as soon as possible at

When we are told about a Schedule Change, we modify the existing flight schedule so that bookings can continue with the right schedule.

We also take care of notifying the passengers. Then they can choose between keeping their ticket or being reimbursed for their flight. Without an answer on their part within 2 days, we will consider that they have accepted the change.

Here is what the message they will get will look like:

You will get an email notifying you when the passenger accepts (red email) or refuses (green email) the change.

If the passenger accepts neither of these 2 offers, we will find a replacement solution and tell you about it before engaging in any extra fees, limited to the maximum amount indicated by European Laws.

Each booking will show up as either "CONFIRMED" or "CANCELED" or your platform,

as well as on the flight's final PNL.

We do everything we can to find amiable solutions with the passenger so you do not have to pay an extra commission, but the least you must do is to reimburse the passenger if he/she asks.

Please beware:

  • Any voucher you might send us will automatically be deleted and will not be taken into account as a schedule change notification
  • Avoid Schedule Changes within 2 weeks of the flight's departure date. Under this delay, you would fall under EU-261 regulations, which may imply extra compensations.