CitizenPlane terms of use

To ensure that you enjoy an optimal use of CitizenPlane while protecting passengers, we follow strict guidelines. When you use our platform, you become a flight reseller and, as such, must follow the flight compensation European legislation (EU261) and the commercial policies of the OTAs we work with.

As a Tour Operator selling plane seats on our platform, you engage in:

  • Providing us with an emergency email address and phone number that we can reach 24/7 in case of an emergency
  • Being held liable for any problem your passengers may encounter at the airport
  • Being held liable for the information you broadcast on the CitizenPlane platform. Any expense that might be generated from an information error you might have made will be yours to cover
  • Answering any passenger's request within 24 hours (i.e.: adding luggage, adding special luggage or a sports equipment, asking for a name change, asking for disabled access)
  • Reimbursing passenger taxes if necessary. Our flights are non-refundable and non-changeable. Nevertheless, a passenger who cancels his flight is entitled to ask for the reimbursement of his passenger taxes
  • Sending the carrier the PNL before flight starts boarding to avoid Denied Boardings
  • Having no more than 1 out of 100 bookings affected by Schedule Changes. We therefore require that you do not upload flights with an unconfirmed schedule
  • Informing us about any change concerning your flights at . Any voucher-type email will automatically be discarded and will not be considered as a Schedule Change notification
  • Allowing us to find solutions to a passenger's problems and charging you for the resulting fee in case of an emergency, should you not answer our requests within 15 minutes.