What CitizenPlane is

We are CitizenPlane, an online platform that allows you to re-sell your empty plane seats on all major online travel agencies and metasearch engines in Europe.

We allow you to optimise your fill rate and to prevent losses, not only on charter flights (either full or partial) and allotments but also on your empty legs.

Our one-leg-based system allows your flights to be mixed with millions of other flights on OTAs. We do not force round-trips nor corresponding flights. We allow technical stops ("via") when passengers do not get off the plane.

CitizenPlane is free to use - we only add a small fee for each sale you make with us. 

We manage all passenger support internally with a dedicated Support Team, so you don't have to.

The money you make selling a plane ticket with us will be sent to you each Monday following flight departure. We generate auto-invoices that you can use internally to ensure that we don't generate any extra work for your accounting team. 

Once your flight sales close, we will send you an email with the PNL. All we ask from you is that you post the seats you have on our platform and that you give this PNL to the airline. That's all!